How it works

Taking the first step to ask for help can be hard. Let us help. Members who have the All In coin can simply slide it forward towards another member and a conversation is initiated. The recipient of the coin slide can be an active listener or start the conversation if need be. The coin may also be presented to a friend or family member.

Who We’ve Included

The big 4 – Police, Military, Fire, and EMS.

As well as Retirees, Veterans, Dispatchers, Corrections Officers, Border Patrol, Bylaw & Peace Officers, Doctors of all Titles, Nurses, Task Force Teams, SAR, Mountain Rescue, Public Safety, Helicopter Pilots, Coast Guard, Lifeguards, Tow Truck Drivers, Child Services, and what we like to call “the Hidden Hero's” – Therapists, Social Workers, Councilors, Chaplin’s, Funeral Directors and those Help Line Operators we hope we never have to call.